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Fokker, NLR, Airborne and TU Delft start maintenance centre for composites

At Le Bourget Airshow 2015 the Dutch Composites Maintenance Centre agreement was signed between Fokker, NLR, Airborne and TU-Delft. The DCMC will initiate and support innovations in the Maintenance Repair and Overhaul of composite (aero)structures “Repair and maintenance of composites components in military hardware is important for the Royal Netherlands Airforce to keep the systems […]

Fokker en TenCate tekenen vervolg samenwerking met Airbus

The Thermoplastic Affordable Primary Aircraft Structure (TAPAS) programme’s second phase was officially initiated this month with signature of a contract between Airbus, Fokker Aerostructures and TenCate Advanced Composites. This accord – signed in the presence of French President François Hollande, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs Henk Kamp – extends […]