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Call for participation: Showcase your data solutions for climate change!

Source: Newsletter of Capdigital, received the 9th of July 2015. The Research Data Alliance, international organization dedicated to build the social and technical bridges that enable open sharing of data will organize its 6th plenary meeting, 23-25 September 2015 in Paris, were 700 participants from more than 40 countries are expected. This event, organized by […]

Financial support for your French-Dutch serious gaming project with the Eurostars programme!

Eurostars is an international co-operation programme of 34 countries that supports research and development performing SMEs, which develop innovative products, processes and services, to gain competitive advantage. The programme is bottom up, meaning that all technology fields are welcome and that all projects submitted will be evaluated against each other. France and the Netherlands are […]

Institut Pasteur: opportunity to scientists worldwide!

Source: website of Institut Pasteur, visited on the 20th of April at 17:23 The Institut Pasteur International Network is offering a unique opportunity to scientists worldwide, both young and experienced, to showcase their research on global and one health issues to a broad international audience in the prominent Institut Pasteur in the heart of Paris. […]