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Health & ICT projecten H2020: meer dan 280 miljoen euro beschikbaar !

Is uw bedrijf of kennisinstelling in internationaal verband bezig met onderzoek, technologische ontwikkeling en innovatie? Bent u werkzaam in de Life Sciences & Health (LSH) sector? Zet u ICT in om LSH-oplossingen te ontwikkelen? Mis dan niet de nieuwe oproepen van het Horizon 2020 programma voor 2019 – er is dit jaar weer veel budget […]

Report Erasmus-Descartes conference on AI

On the 15th and the 16th of November 2018, the Netherlands and France organised a conference on Artificial Intelligence. This conference, called Erasmus-Descartes, gathered over 50 experts and 250 attendees in Paris. The Erasmus-Descartes conference is an annual bilateral event aimed at strengthening existing partnerships and identifying new opportunities for joint action. As the 2017 […]

Update Health~Holland: how to build a life sciences business

Health~Holland just published the special edition of the Health~Holland Update, devoted to the LifeSciences@Work (LS@W) accelerator programme. Want to be inspired? Read the real stories of researchers on how to realize their entrepreneurial aspirations in the life sciences business. For example, Eline Vrijland-van Beest, CEO of Nightbalance shares ‘Five lessons learned by experience as a […]

AI doet intrede bij de Franse overheid

Op 21 novembre jl maakte de Franse staatssecretaris voor digitale zaken, Mounir Mahjoubi, de winnaars bekend van een call door en voor de Franse overheid die als doel heeft om publieke diensten dankzij AI te verbeteren. “Van de 52 ingediende dossiers zijn er zes geselecteerd voor 2019”. Mounir Mahjoubi was bijzonder ingenomen met dit succes. Deelname aan […]

France accelerates AI Strategy by appointing national coordinator: Bertrand Pailhès

Last March president Macron presented the report “AI for Humanity”, the French strategy to becoming a leading country in the field of artificial intelligence. The government has been actively gathering the right people, funds and information to launch the plan (see the timeline below). On Monday the 24th of September an important next step was […]

Innovation Expo 2018: Global challenges? Dutch solutions!

Innovation Expo 2018: 6000 captivated visitors, 230 innovative exhibitors, 100 matchmaking sessions, 8 thought-provoking keynotes, 1 day. On October 4th the Innovation Network France traveled to the RDM Warf in Rotterdam to be a part of it! The world faces many challenges in the fields of health, food, mobility, energy, water, sustainability… The question is: can we use innovation […]

What the World of Healthcare can learn from the Dutch: Four innovative approaches

Did you know that the Netherlands is ranked number 1 in the Euro Health Consumer Index? Not just this year, but already for five years in a row! How did we get there? And how do we keep our high-quality healthcare system accessible and affordable? During the Holland Visitors Programme to the World of Healthcare conference in Rotterdam on […]