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Fashion Tech: 3D printed and laser cut dresses at Paris Fashion Week

Last week Iris van Herpen presented her latest work at the Fashion Week: a combination of haute couture and technology. The Dutch artist is very keen of 3D printing and laser cutting to realise extraordinarily dresses. The collection called “Shift Souls” was displayed on January the 21st at Palais des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Laser cut […]

France and Germany take the lead in “Airbus battery plans”

Tuesday the 18th of December 2018, the sixth edition of the Friends of the Industry (FoI) conference was held in Paris, at the French Ministry of Economy and Finance, commonly known as Bercy. The FoI represents a group of EU member states, gathering on a yearly basis, to exchange views on European industrial policy. Generally, […]

MIT’s “Innovators Under 35” EU Summit in Paris reaffirms European innovative potential

On any given day, the halls of the world’s biggest start-up campus, Station F, are filled with enthusiastic entrepreneurs and tech-prodigies. This time was no different and yet it was: on the 4th of December, MIT Technology Review, in partnership with BNP Paribas, organised their annual “Innovators under 35” Europe summit. Each year 35 carefully […]

The national French AI strategy reveals detailed research plans

In March 2018 France presented its national AI strategy “AI for Humanity”, based on a report by Villani, and declared they had allocated a 1,5 billion euros budget over Macron’s term – which is another 4 years. On the 28th of November, France’s Secretary of State for Digital Affairs – Mounir Mahjoubi – and Minister […]

Digital Twin: ongekende potentie

Tot eind jaren ‘50 werd bij het ontwerp voor alles om ons heen nog pen en papier gebruikt. De complexiteit van gebouwen, werktuigen en elektrotechnische apparatuur was gebonden aan de hoeveelheid papierwerk die nodig was, voordat men door de bomen het bos niet meer kon zien. Het ontwerpproces was veelal iteratief, waarbij keuzes in het […]

Frankrijk presenteert nationale strategie voor AI

De Franse President, Emmanuel Macron, heeft op 29 maart de Franse nationale strategie ten aanzien van kunstmatige intelligentie gepresenteerd. Voorafgaand aan de aankondiging van de President was er een ochtend aan debatten en discussies met grote spelers op het gebied van kunstmatige intelligentie (hierna AI, de veelgebruikte Engelse afkoring van Artificial Intelligence), waaronder: Yann leCun […]

PRESS RELEASE – Paris Region launches the “AI Challenge Paris Region 2018”: the first international challenge dedicated to startups

Thursday 12 april, 2018 Today, after announcing it during the Las Vegas CES last January, Valérie Pécresse, the President of Paris Region, launched the one-million-euro competition “AI Challenge Paris Region 2018”, the first international challenge dedicated to startups, in the presence of Alexandra Dublanche, vice-president in charge of economic development at the Paris Region, Christophe […]