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Two roadmaps towards an international Circular Economy

2018 is announced to be the year to accelerate the transition towards a Circular Economy by both the French and Dutch government. The linear economy (take, make and throw away) is untenable. Both governments agreed that we need a new model in which the value is created to stay and not to be thrown away […]

Two-day event launches new French-Dutch partnerships for a Circular Economy

Last week the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in France hosted a successful two-day event on Circular Economy in Paris. Goal of the event was to strengthen French-Dutch relations and explore new actions to accelerate Circular Economy in required cross-border efforts. The event focused on buildings and their environment. Given that we spend […]

The European Mobility Exhibition, dé Europese venue voor de innovatieve openbaar vervoerssector

Innovatie en duurzaamheid in openbaar vervoer binnen Europa Bouwt of ontwerpt u bussen of treinen of onderdelen daarvan? Ontwikkelt u diensten voor de openbaar vervoerssector? Bent u betrokken bij het beleid? Transports Publics oftewel The European Mobility Exhibition is dé Europese Mobility venue voor de duurzame en innovatieve openbaar vervoerssector. Deze vindt plaats van 12 tot 14 juni […]

Innovative climate solution? Take part of the COP 21 at the Breakthrough Night!

Source: text from the website of the Breakthrough Night, visited on the 2nd of November, 2015 at 5pm. On 4 December 2015, at Grand Palais, Paris, the innovation eco-system will showcase mature and home-grown projects, which actively contribute to the invention of post-carbone world and change in our society throughout this event. Innovators, startups, experts, […]