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France and Germany take the lead in “Airbus battery plans”

Tuesday the 18th of December 2018, the sixth edition of the Friends of the Industry (FoI) conference was held in Paris, at the French Ministry of Economy and Finance, commonly known as Bercy. The FoI represents a group of EU member states, gathering on a yearly basis, to exchange views on European industrial policy. Generally, […]

MIT’s “Innovators Under 35” EU Summit in Paris reaffirms European innovative potential

On any given day, the halls of the world’s biggest start-up campus, Station F, are filled with enthusiastic entrepreneurs and tech-prodigies. This time was no different and yet it was: on the 4th of December, MIT Technology Review, in partnership with BNP Paribas, organised their annual “Innovators under 35” Europe summit. Each year 35 carefully […]

Innovation Expo 2018: Global challenges? Dutch solutions!

Innovation Expo 2018: 6000 captivated visitors, 230 innovative exhibitors, 100 matchmaking sessions, 8 thought-provoking keynotes, 1 day. On October 4th the Innovation Network France traveled to the RDM Warf in Rotterdam to be a part of it! The world faces many challenges in the fields of health, food, mobility, energy, water, sustainability… The question is: can we use innovation […]

Two roadmaps towards an international Circular Economy

2018 is announced to be the year to accelerate the transition towards a Circular Economy by both the French and Dutch government. The linear economy (take, make and throw away) is untenable. Both governments agreed that we need a new model in which the value is created to stay and not to be thrown away […]

Europese Innovatiedeal door Franse en Nederlandse partners Lomboxnet, Renault en Bouygues

In navolging van de Nederlandse Green Deals heeft de Europese Commissie na het Nederlands Voorzitterschap initiatief genomen voor een Europese variant daarop: Innovation Deals. Eind 2016 werden lidstaten en partners uitgenodigd om met voorstellen te komen voor Innovation Deals voor de circulaire economie. In totaal zijn er 32 voorstellen uit heel Europa ingediend, waarvan er […]

Two-day event launches new French-Dutch partnerships for a Circular Economy

Last week the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in France hosted a successful two-day event on Circular Economy in Paris. Goal of the event was to strengthen French-Dutch relations and explore new actions to accelerate Circular Economy in required cross-border efforts. The event focused on buildings and their environment. Given that we spend […]

Bezoek Tweedaagse Conferentie ‘Circulaire Economie in de Gebouwde Omgeving’ Frankrijk

Interesse in de marktkansen die Frankrijk te bieden heeft? En wilt u potentiële partners ontmoeten rond het thema circulaire economie in de gebouwde omgeving? Neem dan deel aan deze conferentie in Frankrijk op 7 en 8 maart 2018. Frankrijk lonkt op het gebied van circulair! Om verdere samenwerking tussen Nederland en Frankrijk te verkennen binnen […]