CEA-Leti, a world-class center for applied research in the fields of microelectronics, IT and technology for health care and other areas, is hosting LetiDays on June 25–26, 2014, and associated workshops on June 23-24.

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0447-bandeau_web_haut For this event, Leti will present its activities with a particular focus on the “Internet of Things, from sensors to zero power.”
Leti plays a major role in the realm of the Internet of Things, as a provider of underlying, enabling, technologies necessary for the emergence of new services.

Leti’s activities are focused on developing new sensors, energy harvesting systems, dedicated and ultra-low power communication technologies, ultra-low power digital processors and 3D integration.

On June 25-26, you will discover the Leti technologies that support the development of the IoT.
On June 24th, Leti Memory workshop will share technological roadmaps and highlight the latest scientific and technological results achieved by Leti and partners.


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